Water Filters Australia - Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration
HOW PURE DO YOU REQUIRE YOUR WATER. - 3 levels of purity
Removal of all toxic chemicals, chlorine, Giardia and other parasites.
Either cartridge can be incorporated into a Counter
Top, Single or Twin Undersink
Removal of bacteria and combined with carbon, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals including copper,
Absolutely pure water, eliminating all chemicals, heavy metals and minerals, including Fluoride.
Portable. Counter top
or Undersink
All systems come complete with standard 25cm cartridges to ensure continued supply. A variety of cartridges are available for use in Purestream water filters to ensure maximum contaminent removal, including bacteria, cysts, copper, calcium etc.
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Counter Top Portable single housing - easy to install no plumber required, Ideal for people who rent who do not want a permanent fixture.
Single Undersink All you see is the faucet -ideal for 1 - 2 person households.
Twin Undersink All you see is the faucet - includes pre filter to remove dirt, rust etc. double filters for maximum capacity, ideal for family use.
Triple Alkaline Undersink
Water Filter
Carbon Undersink Water Filter incorporating alkaline, oxygenating cartridge.
Affordable pure water without fluoride and minerals - compact and sits on the sink top, water is stored in container. .
Affordable pure water without fluoride and minerals - water is stored in container. 5 Stage with mineraliser, energises and replaces trace minerals.
4-Stage Undersink Reverse Osmosis Compact Compact Fluoride free water - ideal when space under the sink is limited.
Affordable pure water without fluoride and minerals installed undersink with storage tank for max. convenience
5 Stage with mineraliser, energises and replaces trace minerals.
Whole House Water Filter- Provides 30 - 40 litres a minute for removal of chlorine for people with skin allergies as well as dirt, rust, sediment from household water to protect appliances from abrasion.
Shower Filter HIGH OUTPUT SPRITE SHOWER FILTER removes chlorine from hot water to protect skin and hair from drying effects of chlorine
Alkaline Water Filter Oxygenates water by increasing pH levels. Can be added to existing undersink water filters.
Fridge Inline Filters Eliminates need to buy expensive brand replacement filters
Motorhome / Caravan
Water Filter
3/4"" inlet to allow hose connection to filter all water coming into storage tank, or install under the sink. .
Undersink Water Chiller Compact stainless steel chiller- provies 60 x 100ml cups per hour. Used in conjunction with twin system or on its own.
Travel Filter Compact enough to fit into small carry bagr. - Clean water, anytime, anywhere
Trace Minerals Concentrated minerals for use in conjunction with reverse osmosis
Parts & Accessories Faucets, diverters,etc. at wholesale prices
Replacement cartridges All makes and models, including non-standard 9" and standard 9 3/4" Raindance, ESP, Purewater, Aeon, Purestream