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As more and people access the internet for products and services, there is always the concern as to quality of product, delivery, back up service and whether a company will be around to honour warranties and ongoing stock supply..

To give you comfort that you are during business with a company established since 1985, owned and operated by Australians, with over 17 years experience in the water filtration industry.... we would like to share our customers comments.

I would like to express my appreciation for being able to speak to you personally Kae and get the advice I needed.
With limited time to research what I needed, I was quoted $4,000 for home and drinking water filtration.
After speaking with you, the same result was achieved with $1,500. Your explanation was simple and I felt confident that I was getting what I needed. Furthermore the product arrived quickly, with detailed instructions.
Thank you once again. Paul Crossin - Central Victoria

Thanks Kae
I have just installed the water filter you sent. Am pleasantly surprised with the quality fittings and components, obvious thought has gone into the kit as everything required was provided the attention to detail right down to pre assembled fittings and even the thread tape wound onto the loose fittings is appreciated and made fitting the system quick and painless.

Kae I was quoted more than twice your price for a similar kit in Melbourne and many of the fittings were extras. Not often do I have trouble free purchases when kits of bits are involved, there is always something missing or not quite right for the job, I guess the 15 years experience counts. Thanks again
Bob Newman Melbourne

It was nice to meet you in person while we were up your way in Sept. Just want to let you know that I had no problems installing the Twin system under our sink myself. I needed another type of plumbing "T" piece, but thats all. All too easy. The filter is working great. We are very happy with the build quality of the unit. . Thank you for all your help. Mr & Mrs Sutton - Melbourne

We are delighted with our purchase of the water filter. It has certainly met/exceeded our expectations. we were paying up to $18 per fortnight to get water we could drink. After the initial outlay we can use clean tasting water for all our cooking as well as our drinking water. We have already passed on your cards to several of our friends. Thank you - Mr & Mrs Dury - New South Wales

Just letting you know that I am very happy with my new water filter. Your delivery was prompt and I had it installed within 30 minutes of receiving the package. Your attention to detail regarding preinstallation of fittings made the installation simple. Mr Rath - Adelaide

Yes, our water filter is now installed and is excellent. Although our water was good (bore and tank) it's nice to know that all the rubbish on our roof is now filtered out making the quality much better and safer.
Mrs Masterman - Victoria

I purchased an Aeon Water Filter in 1992 and it is still working perfectly. My service person has recently retired and I was concerned that I would not be able to get replacement cartridges. I was therefore delighted when in desperation I called the telephone number on the unit and got Aeon. It is reassuring to know that after all this time you are still in business and I can get cartridges directly from you.
Mrs McKenzie - Adelaide

Thank you for the reminder email for my replacement cartridges for my twin system. It is nice to know I do not have to worry when they are due. I just followed the links on the email to reorder and it made it very easy. Mrs Keenan - Sydney