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  Oxygen Rich Alkaline Water
  Anti Aging or Reverse Aging
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Purestream Water Filters
ABN 98 352 771 730
P O Box 130 Southport BC 4215 - Ph 1300 888 429
Electrical 240 volts
  0.8 Amps
  2 metre, 3 pin power cable
Compressor Silent running
  Hermetically sealed
  Automatic overload
Condenser Fan assisted rifle bore
Refrigeration Non-toxic, non flammable, R134A gas charge
Temperature Control Capillary controlled factory pre-set thermostat
Tank 1.5 litre stainless stell
Tank Inlet 1/4" O.D. Suitable for John Guest fitting or brass union (not supplied)
Tank Outlet 1/4" O.D. Suitable for John Guest fitting or brass union (not supplied)
Tank Drain 1/4" O.D. John Guest blanking plug fitted.
Insulation Extra high density foam for increased cooling efficiency enabling longer retention of lower temperatures
Chassis 1.5 mm galvanised steel
Case 0.55mm appliance white Colorbond steel
Dry Weight 13 kg.
Filled Weight 14.75 kg.
Installation Cupboard must include a suitable door vent adjacent to fan aperture. (Unit may be reversed with vent in the rear of the cupboard wall if necessary.
Can be used in conjunction with Purestream Single or Twin Underwink Water Filter or Reverse Osmosis System to provide a continuous supply of chilled filtered drinking water.
Installed under the sink, your micro chiller chills your water after it has been filtered, with a 1.5 litre stainless steel storage tank.
Eliminates the need for expensive cooler rentals and replacement water bottles.
Comes complete with dual water faucet, to allow room temperature water for kettles etc. to be drawn, as well as chilled water.
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Key Benefits of your Purestream Mini Chiller 
Provides 60 x 100 ml. cups of chilled filtered water per hour.
Quiet operation.
Australian designed and manufactured.
Compact, requires less space than comparative units.
Energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
Stainless steel tank to ensure only the best tasting water.
Individually checked and bench tested prior to leaving factory
Easily installed by a licensed plumber
Dimensions - 295mm high - 385mm long and 200mm wide
Three year warranty