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Purestream Water Filters

UNDERSINK WATER FILTERS ..your most popular choice
Single Undersink Water Filter
.. for single or small families

twin_undersink _water_filter


Double filters the water for maximum capacity

This heavy duty water filter system is installed inline under the sink and provides the convenience of having the chrome faucet the only part of the unit visible.
The faucet provides a separate access and does not interfere with the existing mixing faucet.
Filtered water is drawn by merely turning the lever on the faucet.
Key Benefits
Does not clutter up valuable bench space - under the sink, out of the way.
Requires minimum maintenance as not subjected to daily wear and tear.
Separate water faucet - does not interrupt normal water use and may be swivelled out of the way when not in use.
Single and Twin models available for maximum cartridge capacity.
Complete with inline or dishwasher connection.
Provides endless supply of safe, great tasting water.
NSF Approved standard with all undersink models.
Your choice of three installation kits and chrome faucets .
Water Filter Installation Kit Dishwasher
includes brass tee piece, chrome stop valve, 350kpa Dual Check Valve/pressure limiting valve, Genuine Touch flo LEAD FREE stainless steel faucet, 3 metres high pressure food grade tubing includes 3/4" tap adaptor, chrome stop valve, 350kpa Dual Check Valve/Pressure Limiting Valve, Genuine Touch flo LEAD FREE stainless steel faucet, 3 metres food grade high pressure tubing.
BRAIDED CONNECTION - 1/2" inline with side port as above is also available.
Water Filter Faucet
Water Filter Faucet
Deluxe bright chrome ceramic Disk Touch flo Faucets
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