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Purestream Water Filters
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Alkaline & oxygenate your filtered water with a Purestream Pi-Alka-Mag for optiumum health benefits.

Purestream Water Filters

Twin Undersink Water Filter
Twin_Undersink_Water_Filter This heavy duty water filter system double filters the water and ensures maximum cartridge life for medium to large volume families
It has the convenience of having the chrome faucet the only part of the unit visible.

The faucet provides a separate access and does not interfere with the existing mixing faucet. Filtered water is drawn by merely pressing the black lever on the faucet.
Australian made standard 10" (9 3/4") Housings, certified to Australian Standards AS3497. Specifications: 32 cms high x 28cms wide x 14cms deep.
All cartridges standard 9-3/4" and certified by NSF International under ANS/NSF Standard 42. to remove all chemical by-products of chlorination and chloramination process.
Complete with NSF certified 1 micron polyspun pre filter to remove dirt, rust etc.
Choice of 1/2"Tee Inline, 3/4"Dishwasher or 1/2" Flexible Hose Plumbing fittings, all Australian Standards Approved.
Complete with 3 metres food grade tubing, 1/4" John Guest push fittings, and installation manual for easy installation, cartridge spanner and cupboard door reminder.
Complete with Deluxe Long Reach Ceramic Disk Fin Faucet.
Click on Item No. for contaminant removal specifications
Twin_Undersink_Water_Filter DUS 78PB1


2nd Stage - Complete with Matrikx™Pb1 "The Premier Performer" cartridge, 0.5 micron rating for removal of Giardia and cryptosporidium cysts, lead as well as all dangerous volatile organic chemicals. 9,000 litres or 12 month capacity. Click here for specifications Replacement cartridges - $55
2nd Stage - Complete with Multi Pure CRPB.45 (0.45 micron) Coconut Carbon Cartridge for removal of Giardia and Cryptocysts, Lead, and all dangerous volatile organic chemicals. This natural source of carbon softens/sweetens water. 9,000 litres or 12 month capacity. Replacement cartridges - $55
2nd Stage - Complete with Doulton Ultracarb Ceramic/Carbon combination. For use on non-chlorinated (tank) water. to remove bacteria,
E-coli, Cholera, Shigella, Salmonella and cysts
and can be scrubbed to remove pollutants. Can also be used on town supply where heavy metals are a concern as it contains special carbon core medium to remove heavy metals including copper as well as chlorine and dangerous chemicals.3,800 litres/ 12 mth replacement. Replacement cartridges - $90
ADDITIONAL BONUS PRODUCTS when ordered with water filter units
Hot, cold and filtered water. No need for additional faucet
CULINO DELUXE 3-WAY MIXER Bright or Brushed Chrome


ALKALINE STICK Energised, Water Anywhere anytime
Save $6
Save $15

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