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Purestream Triple Undersink ALKA-MAGTM Water Filter
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This heavy duty Australian made undersink water filter is compact and fits easily under your kitchen sink.

Incorporating a Omnipure 5 micron inline carbon cartridge to filter sediment and chemicals, 0.4 Multi Pure Coconut Carbon cartridge to remove Giardia and Crypto parasites, Lead and all volatile chemicals. Final stage is the ALK-MAGTM Alkalining cartridge with alkalining and oxygenating ceramics to energise and increase pH.

Comes complete with all installation fittings, including Deluxe Ceramic Disk Faucet. Click here for Installation Options. .

Heavy duty Australian made standard 10" "Housings, certified to Australian Standards AS3497. Specifications 35 cms. high x 28 cms. wide
12 month cartridge replacement for carbon cartridges. ALKA-10 every 2 years. 78IN / ALKA-10/ 78X
- $160 pa

Purestream ALK-MAGTM Water Filters combines oxygenating and alkalining ceramics with Tourmaline to provide structured alkaline water. Tourmaline provides a natural source of infa-red rays and negative ions and the only mineral on earth to show electricity, improving circulation, relieving stress, increasing mental alertness and strengthening the immune system function.

Includes Negative Potential Ceramics (ORP). Negative potential ion water contains higher levels of calcium and can greatly improve conditions including diabetes, high blood cholesterol, fatigue, insomnia, obesity etc. Learn more about Pi Water

Alka-Mag 10" cartridge included in this unit.
(extra 2 cartridges)

Triple Undersink Alkalining Water Filter,
Complete with 5 micron Omnipure Inline carbon pre filter, Multi Pure CRPB.45 (0.45 micron) Coconut Carbon Cartridge and ALKA-MAGTM alkalining cartridge. for removal of Giardia and Cryptocysts, Lead, and all dangerous volatile organic chemicals. This natural source of carbon softens/sweetens water. ALKA-10 REPLACED EVERY 2 YEARS. 2 Replacement cartridges $80pa. Complete with installation fittings
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