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Travel Water Filter
Travelling in the car, visiting friends, camping out, fishing are all situations when a travel water filter can ensure you continue to have access to clean, safe, good tasting water.

Your TRAVEL MATE Water Filter is compact enough to fit into a small carry bag. It has a push-on connector which fits easily onto a kitchen or bathroom tap, even outside garden taps present no problem.

How it works. When you call into a service station on long trips, use their bathroom tap to fill up your water containers... saves buying bottled water..

Great for campers and fishermen, and can be used on un-chlorinated water.

If you love the outdoors, there are many times when there is no water supply except for a creek, lake or even a dam. These unknown water sources can harbour dangerous pathogens like Giardia, Hepatitis and Salmonella and risk gastro illnesses if you drink them.

Always have some Chlorine tablets with you to sterilise the water. These are available from camping outlets. Add these tablets to a bucket of water and slowly pour the water down through the rubber bulb allowing the carbon medium to remove the high levels of Chlorine ... result ....clean sparkling water.
Key Benefits for YOU
Compact enough to fit into carry bag.
Saves on buying bottled water when away from home.
When used in conjunction with Chlorine tables, your Travel Water Filter ensures you always have access to safe water.
Comes equipped with hose to allow the filling of kettles, urns and other containers
Can be stored when not in use..
Provides 800 - 100 litres of safe, clean water
Your Travel Water Filter is ideal when travelling overseas.