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REVERSE OSMOSIS ... when only the purest water is good enough!

The reverse osmosis process will effectively remove: Up to 99% of Aluminum, Asbestos, Fluoride, Iron, Lead, Zinc, Mercury, Calcium, Sodium etc. Micro-organisms including Giardia, Cryptosperidium, Meningitis, Hepatitis, Viruses and Bacteria. Toxic metals and radioactive elements. Pesticides and Herbicides including DDT.
More information on Reverse Osmosis Process

All Purestream Reverse Osmosis units incorporate an exclusive membrane flushing mode to maintain purity of water as well as premium components to ensure a waste ration of 1 litre of pure water to 1.50 litres of waste.
Reverse Osmosis provides the only guaranteed removal of Fluoride. see specs

Portable versus Undersink Models ....Reverse osmosis is a slow production 10 - 12 litres an hour, and pure water must be stored for use. With portable units, you turn the water on for approx. 30 minutes
(5 litres), collect required amount of water in container and use water from container. Undersink units are connected to the water supply and have their own storage tank. As you use the water, the unit automatically makes more water ensuring your storage tank is always full when you need it.



4 Stage Counter Top Reverse Osmosis
Water Filte
r ...
Simple, compact design, can be installed on your benchtop and connected to you faucet by means of a chrome diverter. The diverter does not interrupt the flow of normal cold and hot water and remains attached to the tap.



4 Stage Premium Undersink Reverse
Osmosis Water Filter
with 11 litre storage tank

This heavy duty undersink reverse osmosis system ensures you always have pure sparkling water.
This system quietly and automatically produces pure water and shuts off when tank is full without wasting water

from $395

5 Stage Portable or Undersink Reverse Osmosis
Additional inline cartridges can be added to your reverse osmosis unit to mineralise and/or mineralise, oxygenate and alkaline.
Reverse-Osmosis-Portable RO3 / RO4

3 or 4 Stage Portable Reverse Osmosis

This unit is installed on a shelf in the laundry, or attached to the wall by means of the bracket.. Your pure drinking water is easily collected in sterile containers and stored in the refrigerator

Reverse_Osmosis_Space_Saver RO-SS

3 Stage Portable Reverse Osmosis Space Saver - Fluoride Free, oxygenated, alkaline water
Ideal for kitchens with limited space also for caravans.
Only 2 kgs. in weight, pick up and take with you. Attaches to kitchen faucet, and can be detached and stored if and when required. Also available with mineraliser.

Reverse-osmosis-compact 4-USRO-COM

4 Stage Undersink Reverse Osmosis Compact with 8 or 11 litre Storage tank
Compact design when space under the sink is limited. Unit can be lain on its side and either 8 litre or 11 litre tank availabe. This system quietly and automatically produces pure water and shuts off when tank is full without wasting water. Both unit and tank can be lain on their side for tight spaces

As reverse osmosis water is known to be slightly acidic, around 6.4pH, we highly recommend the addition of a Pi Alkaline filter to optimize your pure water. The Pi Alkaline will mineralise, increase the pH to around 9.5 as well as emhancing your water with rejuvenating oxygen. FOR MORE INFORMATION
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