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Purestream Water Filters
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Purestream Water Filters

3 Stage Fluoride Removal Space Saver Reverse Osmosis for pure sparking oxygenated, ionised alkaline water.
..... when limited kitchen space is available - also ideal for caravans.

Simple, compact design, can be installed on your benchtop and connected to you faucet by means of a chrome diverter, together with joiner to allow the unit to be disconnected and stored if and when required

The diverter does not interrupt the flow of normal cold and hot water and remains attached to the tap.

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Code 3RO-SS-PI
Removes all minerals, including Fluoride, Heavy Metals and all contaminants for pure healthy water. see specifications.
Includes oxygenating, alkalising and remineralising cartridge to add calcium, magnesium, potassium and trace minerals for good health
Provies a pH of 9.0 - 9.5 and an ORP of -200mv to improve circulation, increase mental alertness and strengthen the immune system.
Designed to detach easily and store in cupboard when not required.
Weight of approx. 2 kilos, simply detach and take with you when you travel.
Specifications - 33cms. long x 12 cms. high.
Available with optional spout for collection of pure water.
Includes 5 micron chlorine and sediment removal cartridge, Dow Filmtec 75ppd membrane and Purestream Pi-Alkaline cartridge. ALSO AVAILABLE WITH MINERALISER ONLY see Order Form
Includes exclusive membrane flushing service mode to remove any crystalization in membrane and maintain water purity.
Option of low pressure membrane to be used in caravans with 12 volt davey pump

Unlike normal water supply, your reverse osmosis will only produce 8 - 10 litres per hour.  We recommend once a day, or as required, you simply turn the unit on and store your water in food grade containers.  You will then consume the water from these containers.

As oxygen and alkalinity, like chlorine, will dissipate into the air, to ensure you get the very best value from your alkaline water, we recommend you store the water in 1 – 2 litre containers, filled to the top to ensure no air is present to maintain the oxygen etc.    The black tube is your wastewater, containing all contaminants.  This wastewater can be used in your washing machine, garden use or put down the drain.

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