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"Discover the 4 Fatal Mistakes
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Kae Bullock -Principal
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30 years experience in the health industry iincluding 21 years in water filtration
This report will show you how to:
ensures you receive the very best advice on products offering the most effective removal of dangerous chemical and parasite contamination
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Not pay $2000 for a system only to find you could get the same quality product for $600!!
Ensure you pay a fair price for a top quality product and not worry about housings blowing up under water pressure and flooding your home.
Not pay exhoribant costs for replacement cartridges, or find the cartridges are no longer availabe

I have a confession. I get annoyed with some people in the water filtration industry who think that in order to sell a water filter they have to make outlandish claims and scare people with their stories of bacteria and other dangerous contaminants in their water.

Water chemistry is complex. Unfortunately we do not always have the time to research the industry to ensure we buy the best unit to provide the quality of water we want.

The explosion in the water treatment area has certainly created some opportunists who see both the internet and direct selling, as a quick means to make money, with very little knowledge and support. Some of these opportunists market Asian housings and parts, which are questionable as to their quality. The end result can be burst housings and flooded homes.

Alternatively, direct sellers and telemarketers have such high commissions their prices are exorbitant. They have to get the sale then and there to ensure their customer does not have time to research other makes and have a better idea on a fair price.

As Managing Director of Aeon Water Filters, we were one of the first major retailers in the 90's to sell water filters and over the past 15 years have sold in excess 180,000 water filters throughout Australia.

Part of my job was to educate both consumers and Aeon Distributors in all aspects of water chemistry, water treatment procedures by water authorities and water filters.

My research into water treatment was extensive and from what I learned has fuelled my passion to continue in the industry, providing both information as well as the most cost effective water filters.

Because of my knowledge in this industry I know that safe drinking water is a necessity.

I speak to people everyday that have chemical intolerances, successive bouts of Giardia infestation that are debilitating their lives. Water filters are a `must have' appliance if we want to live healthy lives . More importantly, as a parent, a necessity to ensure our children grow up healthy, with at least one of our food sources, free of dangerous chemicals.

Personally, before I was introduced to water filters, I had tried to drink my mandatory 8 - 10 glasses of water a day, however tap water just gave me indigestion. What I didn't know was that it was the chlorine that I was reacting to.

Chlorine is a known carcinogenic…
Link between long term exposure to chlorinated drinking water and bladder and bowel cancer … Australian Journal of Public Health

Now, I happily drink 2 - 3 glasses of filtered water at a time, knowing that it is one of the best health drinks I can drink because the body can utilize it immediately without having to filter as with juices and tea and coffee.

The fact is the quality of our drinking water is only going to get worse. Why? Because there is no new water on this earth. The same amount of water that was available back in the 1800's is all we have, despite the enormous increase in population. Water authorities have no choice but to add more and more chemicals to disinfect our water and make it fit to drink.

A cocktail of chemicals in the kitchen tap - Up to 50 substances can be legally added to the witches' brew in the supply network .. Water Crisis - Julian Cribb - The Australian

The following information, learned from over 18 years in the water filtration industry, will ensure you get

the very best quality water filter for your needs,
full value for what you invest in.
minimum ongoing maintenance costs
and best of all, the knowledge that you and your family are drinking and enjoying, safe water for ongoing good health.

This new direction in the water industry is causing some confusion as you have electronic ionizers, with one company , even taking ads out to attack Alkaline Water. We would hope that all advertisers would honestly advertise their products and allow the consumer to make their own judgement without the need to criticise.

Alkaline water has its critics and supporters. There has been 2 strong players in the ionization field, as distinct from the alkaline area. Alkaway utilising electrolisis to produce alkaline water and Wellness with their enhancement water concept utilising different mineral rocks without emphasis on alkalinity. Both products have a place in the marketplace, however they are quite different.

The disadvantages of both these are they are complete units and if firstly, consumers already have a filter, then this has to be discarded. They are expensive, around $800 - $1000 with $100 ongoing yearly costs. They also limit the quality of incoming water in that water is only filtered for chemicals, so if you require pure water, eliminating fluoride in particular, where do you go.
IMPORTANT - Electrolysis will not work with pure water, therefore if you have reverse osmosis, the fact there are no minerals to cause the electrolysis action, you will not get alkaline water. MORE INFO

Aeon has always prided itself on being aware of new additions within the water industry so approx 4 years began investigating the alkaline interest, particularly what WAS NOT BEING MADE AVAILABLE in the market. i also believe that good water should not be so expensive and was determined to offer a more competitive product that did the job.

After reading much on Alkaline water, more specially being an arthritic sufferer and wanting to lessen any acidity in my system, I investigated the possibly of providing a naturally enhanced, alkaline water filter that could be added to different systems, thus eliminating the need to discard existing systems, more imporantly one that could be used with all water quality, including reverse osmosis. The goal was to provide a cartridge that mineralised, particularly for reverse osmosis systems, structured, oxygenated and alkalined using natural ore ... replicating mountain spring water. THIS WE DID more info

FIRST MISTAKE - Being Sold Cheap Units.

Water filtration extends from the simple filter jug through to reverse osmosis. As often happens, the cheapest is not necessarily the best, simply because it will not do the job, or what you save in the initial outlay, you make up for in ongoing maintenance costs.

Some salespeople will sell you anything just to get a sale!. One example of just how far they will go?

When a customer simply could not afford even their cheapest counter top, the salesman sold them a shower filter and recommended when they needed drinking water, to fill up a glass from their shower.

For the technical YOUThe fact is Shower Filters, because they have to filter large quantities of hot water, incorporate a medium called KDF, which rather than removes Chlorine, converts it to a chloride and can have a taste. . It also no ability to remove Giardia or other dangerous chemical contaminants. Definitely not my recommendation for drinking water.

GRAVITY FED FILTER JUGS AND CERAMIC URNS provide some contaminant removal, however with cartridges replaceable every 1 - 2 months, inconvenient and expensive ongoing costs. Filtered water is also sitting in the base of the container, open to bacteria in the air.

SECOND MISTAKE - Being Oversold.
Some consumers are sold expensive water treatment systems than can be an overkill, when all they want is safe, clean water. The choice you make should be based on your needs, rather than what the sales person decides to sell you.

You can also pay almost double for virtually the same product i.e. $300 - $550 . This does not always reflect quality, but rather exorbitant profit margins.

Some sales people use a variety of reasons why their product is dramatically more expensive some of these include - American manufacturer, removal of bacteria, etc. (this is covered in more detail later).

The fact is the domestic market falls into three main categories and options are straightforward..

Removal of taste, odour and cartridge quality for percentage or all chemical contaminants and parasites including Giardia and Cryptosporidium -TOWN SUPPLY
Removal of taste, odour, bacteria and Giardia/Cryptosporidium protection, chemical and some heavy metal removal - UNCHLORINATED WATER - TANK WATER
Removal of all contaminants, including minerals, specifically FLUORIDE to produce pure, medical quality water-REVERSE OSMOSIS

Other issues concerning hardness, excess iron are more involved and may require a water analysis

1. Town supply - Removal of taste, odour, chemical contaminants and parasites including Giardia & Cryptosporidium..
Carbon is the main medium because of its absorption quality and its micron density will determine the % of contaminant removal. The lower the micron the better. Most carbon cartridges start around 5 micron with the premium solid extruded block carbon down to 0.5micron.

POINT OF USE WATER FILTER … safe, sparkling water easily and conveniently because chlorine and other contaminants are removed from your drinking water when you turn on
your tap.

This method is convenient, easy to use, cost effective, with minimum maintenance and is the choice of probably 80% of the Australian population

Whilst the smell and taste of chlorine maybe your initial requirement, it is the easiest chemical to remove. As the consumer market becomes more sophisticated, we want more purity from our water

RECOMMENDED -With the influx of Asian cartridges, we would recommend only using US products cartridges. They have the population and expertise to product high quality, economical cartridges.
A unit incorporating a minimum of 0.5 micron carbon block cartridge with lead removal…

This quality cartridge makes the water taste almost sweet, improves the taste of your tea and coffee, and all cooking where water is used.

More importantly, you don't have to concern yourself with what the council is putting in your water, because this 0.5 micron cartridges will remove all bad tastes including chlorine, all volatile organic chemicals, meets Australian Standards for removal of Giardia and Cryptosporidium as well as lead whilst leaving the minerals.

Gives you plenty of water with a 9,000 litre capacity, cartridge replacement recommended every 12 month. - simply unscrew the housing and replace cartridge.

2. Unchlorinated or tank water. Removal of taste, odour, bacteria and Giardia/ Cryptosporidium protection, chemical and some heavy metal removal .

RECOMMENDED - a unit incorporating a Doulton 0.45-micron Ceramic cartridge to remove bacteria and parasites including Giardia & Cryptosporidium.

A Ceramic/Carbon Ultracarb combination is recommended for single housing units, whether single undersink or counter top, or a straight Ceramic Sterasyl as a pre-filter in twin system.

As ceramic has no absorption properties, ceramic alone on town supply is not recommended. Doulton Ultracarb incorporates a special medium Brimac 22, which has a special affinity with heavy metals and specifications suggest it will remove up to 99% Copper, where copper corrosion is a concern

3. Pure Water - Removal of all contaminants, including minerals to produce pure, medical quality water

Reverse Osmosis is the process whereby the membrane attracts water molecules and repels dissolved impurities, including bacteria and viruses, even those smaller than the water molecules themselves. to produce absolutely pure water.

Depending on the sediment and chlorine content of your water, this is usually a 4 or 5 stage unit.

Some confusion can arise from the fact some manufacturers refer to the membrane and the wastewater as two stages, some as one stage. The main thing to consider is the housings. Water must be filtered prior to membrane stage.

A 3 stage consists of a sediment/chlorine combination pre filter, membrane and post filter.

A 4 stage, has separate sediment and chlorine pre filters, followed by the membrane and post filter.

This additional pre filter in the 4 stage can also be used to remove high levels of calcium in high hardness areas, which if not pre-filtered, can adversely affect the performance of your reverse osmosis membrane.

Some sellers include additional medium housings other than sediment or chlorine removal, for what, in some cases, may be simply an opportunity to increase cost.

One example of this is a resin cartridge for mineral removal after the water has been through the membrane. As the membrane removes up to 99% of minerals, I have to ask why this is necessary.

For customers who come to Aeon for RO servicing and this is the case, we simply tell them to bypass this housing and save themselves the $80 a year.

Reverse Osmosis is recommended where minerals e.g. fluoride is a concern, chemical and immune sensitivities are a factor, or when the very best water is wanted.

Restrictions with reverse osmosis are that it will not filter water with over 2000 ppm TDS (total dissolved solids) or very high levels of calcium. A minimum water pressure of 50 psi is also required. (Note: … Most Capital Cities and country areas are well within this area e.g. Melbourne 50ppm, Sydney around 60ppm, Brisbane 200ppm, Adelaide 350ppm and Perth over 400ppm. Areas of concern are central Qld and NW W.A.

With State and Federal Governments determined to include Fluoride in our water supplies, once again we have distributors in the market place making a variety of claims as to fluoride removal. For a full report on this GO TO

These include ATIVATED ALUMINA AND ION EXCHANGE. Both these are media that is designed to specifically take out fluoride and not other minerals.
This option can certainly appear attractive to consumers as it leaves the other minerals in.
The bottom line is YES both these will take out fluoride, however for a very limited time, between 800 - 2000 litres, which is round 3 - 6 months. Also their ability is dependent upon water usage as the media can become saturated and then dump the fluoride molecules back into the water
. These cartridges are also expensive around $85.

I will not sell these Fluoride removal cartridges because they are not effective and with the information available on the possible long term effects of fluoride consumption, plus some people, with health concerns cannot consume fluoride, the risks of cartridge saturation and non-performance is not acceptable.

WHAT UNIT IS BEST FOR YOUR NEEDS …. Portable or Undersink Units

The Counter Top is portable,, because you can simply unscrew it from your tap and take it with you … ideal if you are in a rental situation.

If in your own home, the undersink system allows for no cluttering on the bench top, because you draw your water from an attractive chrome faucet installed on your sink top. Everything else is out of sight under the bench

For couples or singles, a single undersink system is adequate and minimises costs.

For larger families, or if water supply has sediment from old pipes, then a twin system ensures this sediment is removed prior to the more important removal of chemicals.

Making it easy for young children the separate water faucet of the installed units allows little hands to push the black lever up or down to get delicious water, whereas the counter top requires the water to be turned on and the button to be pulled out before water is available.

Counter Top - Value $120 - $160 - You can pay up to $280 for virtually the same product. Variation in price should relate to the quality of the cartridge. Carbon only should be used in a single housing unit and the lower the micron rating the better quality. To obtain best prices try to purchase direct from a manufacturer or agent.

Undersink Units complete with installation kit - installation not included. - Single $200 - $250 Twin System $220 - $280

Reverse Osmosis - $380 - $450 Portable 3 stage with connections
$700 - $800 Undersink 3 Stage with all fittings

THIRD MISTAKE - Being confused by misleading claims .
Water filters are relatively simple in their construction and effectiveness is directly related to the quality of the cartridges and membranes used. Unfortunately retail prices can vary considerably, even doubling in price for the same item. Some salespeople to justify these high prices, create concerns that do not necessarily have only basis.

1. YOU NEED TO REMOVE DANGEROUS BACTERIA. Bacteria should only be of concern if you are on tank water, or cannot smell chlorine in your water because you are at the end of the water line. If you can smell chlorine, it is there to gobble up any bacteria that could be present in your pipes.

Any bacteria that could be present, i.e. in the spout, is no more dangerous than in your coffee cup.
It is recommended to run your unit for a few seconds in the morning, before drawing water, to flush any stale water.

2. YOUR UNIT COULD BLOW UP IF YOU DON'T BUY OURS. Ensure your chosen unit meets Australian Standards specifications, which are 125psi for Counter Tops and approx. 600 psi for Under sink Units.

All undersink units should come complete with Australian Standards Approved fittings, including Pressure Limiting Valve. It is not recommended to install any unit without this protection.

While water pressure within Australia is nowhere near the 600-psi, this is to protect your unit against hammering or spiking, which occurs when pressure fluctuates within an area.

Also, it would be very rare for a Counter Top to blow up, as the only time this unit is under pressure is when the water is turned on. Should your pressure be extremely high, then you would find the hose would blow off, before any damage is done to the unit.

FOURTH MISTAKE - Paying High Ongoing Maintenance Cost... do it yourself and save huge $$$
Some retailers inflate the price of their product with bells and whistles. Whilst these are important, you can save $$$$'s by being aware of what you can do yourself.

1. We have been in business for 10 years and you will always be able to get cartridges to suit.

Longevity in the water filtration industry is certainly a major factor as it guarantees warranty backup and provides expertise which you should access to ensure you get the right product for your needs. However, by ensuring you purchase a unit with generic cartridges, means you can shop around for the best price in cartridges.
25 cms high x 7 cms diameter is the most common cartridge and available in all micron ratings.

Whatever your choice, Ceramic, KDF, Resin are all available in this length. Think twice about sealed bayonet type cartridges, where the housing and cartridge are one and must be thrown away and replaced. These can be difficult to locate and expensive.

2. FREE SERVICE …You could very well be paying a premium on cartridges to cover the cost of servicing. Firstly you have to make sure you are home at the appointed time when the serviceman is due to call…. Then you have his time travelling to your home, dismantling and reassembling your unit… this all costs money. Keep your ongoing maintenance cost to a minimum….. Service the unit yourself.

A Do-it-Yourself Booklet is available with the 4 steps to simple servicing of your water filter. Together with the plastic circular spanner which fits around the housing and locates on the ribs makes undoing the housing simple, handy household products to sterilise the unit and how to ensure your water is crystal clear…. it is easy, convenient and cost effective.

One of the most expensive units to service is the reverse osmosis, because of the membrane component and can cost up to $200. Membranes should last 3 - 4 years, however they do need regular flushing to remove built up impurities.

Aeon has designed and installed a special ball valve in all Purestream Reverse Osmosis Units, which allows you to simply flush your membrane when required.

You do not have to remove the membrane, simply turn the lever on the ball valve, flush the membrane, return lever to its original position and your membrane will maintain its 99% removal of contaminants all the time.

3. REMINDER SERVICE …. Very important as we tend to lose track of when our cartridges are due. This can be overcome by making a note on your cupboard door, pest control operators do this for you.

An even more pleasant experience is having your water filter supplier send you a friendly email reminder advising you when your cartridges are due for replacement, correct part numbers for your particular unit, with a convenient link to the appropriate order form to make the experience quick and hassle free.

Why would YOU buy a Water Filter from me ?
1. Purestream Water filters are CHEAPER because:
_ Excellent buying prices After 19years in the water treatment industry I know the most reputable plastic moulders and water filter manufacturers in Australia. Because of our success over the past 19 years, Aeon has excellent buying prices, which we believe in passing on to our customers.
_ Low overheads. Aeon now operates predominantly as a wholesaler. We do not have retail premises, company cars, expense accounts, large staff or commission salespeople or other overheads that have to be passed on to customers.
_ No shareholders demanding higher profits .
As principal and owner of Aeon Consumerable Products I have no aspirations to be a millionaire or to drive an expensive motor vehicle. I also do not have shareholders screaming for greater profits. I value my integrity and personally believe there is a fair price to be paid for safe, good tasting water and prefer to sell many water filters at a fair price, than a few at exorbitantly high prices.
2. Money Back Guarantee ... We guarantee peace of mind that your Purestream water filter will give you safe, clean good tasting water easily and economically, whether is sits on the sink, or installed under your bench.

Your tea and coffee will taste better, without the added flavour of chlorine, even your vegetables cooked in filtered water will have more flavour. Even your children will start to enjoy clean filtered water, eliminating the need for costly and not always healthy, soft drinks and other water alternatives.

Best of all you don't have to worry about how thorough the water authorities are in your area, because your 0.5 micron extruded solid carbon block cartridges will remove all bad tastes including chlorine, all volatile organic chemicals, meets Australian Standards for removal of Giardia and Cryptosporidium as well as lead whilst leaving the minerals

We guarantee to fully refund your purchase price and pay the cost of shipping the product back to us, if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your filtered water.

3. Lifetime Warranty... We also guarantee a lifetime warranty, not 2 - 5 years like many other manufacturers.

We guarantee the continual operation of your Purestream Water Filter, more specifically your undersink unit, that it will not crack or split under mains pressure because Aeon will not sell an undersink water filter that does not meet mandatory burst pressures and without all Australian Standards Approved fittings, including a chrome Pressure Limiting Valve.
With Aeon it is not an optional extra.

Should some of the wearing parts, i.e. separate water faucet, `O' rings for your housings or diverter for your Counter Top need replacement after 5 - 6 years, we guarantee to supply these to you at
our wholesale cost, to ensure you minimise maintenance costs.

4. Honest advice on the best unit for your needs ... If we cannot supply the most suitable unit for your needs, we will provide you with details of where you can access the appropriate water treatment.

Recently a customer enquired about upgrading her Reverse Osmosis unit as the unit she had was 10 years old and she could not find anyone to service it. The customer had a seriously sick child who needed the purest water.

Rather than simply sell her a larger and more expensive unit, I contacted the manufacturer and asked them to contact my customer and see what they could do about upgrading or redesigning a unit especially for her needs. Her appreciation was worth the lost sale

Thankyou so much for forwarding my e-mail onto the manufacturer. He has contacted me and yesterday the NSW Manager phoned to discuss the system. He will design and supply a system intimately suited to our
needs. I cannot thank you enough for this outcome. Many thanks for your wonderful assistance in solving our problem,
Best wishes, Yvonne JWF Foundation - Sydney

My knowledge learned from over 19years as Managing Director and Product Trainer in the water treatment industry is available to you. If I do not know, I will access the information and recommended treatment to ensure you are not oversold or undersold.

5. Cartridge Reminder Service... let us do the remembering for you and eliminate the worry of keeping your water safe!

We all lead busy lives and remembering when to change the cartridge is one hassle that we can do without. We have a friendly email reminder service which will let you know a month in advance of when you need to change your cartridge.

Your email will contain all relevant part nos. to ensure you get the right cartridges for your unit, together with a link to the order form in the website … all you have to do is fill out the necessary shipping and payment details and you will receive your cartridges a few days later.

As Aeon carries a wide range of cartridges to suit all makes and models, this service is available to all water filter owners, whether you have another brand water filter and just want quality and cost effective cartridges, a Purestream or Aeon customer.
If you have additional questions, please go to the FAQ section of www.waterfiltersaustralia.com.au or contact me
personally on aeoncp@purestreamwaterfilters.com.au

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