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Q Is reverse osmosis necessary on tank water.
A With rain water the main concern is bacteria and parasites and these can be removed with a twin undersink unit incorporating a As you have a wastage of l litre of waste to 1 litre of pure water with reverse osmosis, it seems a shame to waste the rain water.
Q I have been drinking tap water most of my life …. Why should I consider
a water filter

Unfortunately there is no NEW water. We have the same amount of water on earth now as there was during the dinosaur era. With increased population comes greater contamination, and in order to disinfect this water suitable for human consumption, greater amounts of chemicals are required.

Our total food chain is becoming overloaded with chemicals and hormones as countries attempt to meet consumption. Unfortunately it is impossible to remove many of these chemicals from foods, however with water, technology allows us to remove all chemical contaminants and ensuring one of the most important nutrients is at least chemical free. .. it makes good health sense.


I boil my water before drinking and cooking. Why do I need a water filter?

AA Boiling water only kills bacteria. It does not remove any chemicals and heavy metals from the water. In fact the boiling process actually increases the chemical concentrations due to water evaporation.

If chlorine is a good water disinfectant, why remove it from the drinking water?

A Chlorine in your water is there to protect your water from harmful bacteria. You could compare it to purchasing bread from your supermarket. Your bread is protected and kept fresh by the plastic bag. Remove the bread and leave it out in the air and it becomes mouldy. You do not eat the plastic with your bread, why would you consume the chlorine with your water. Chlorine is also a known carcinogenic ..

I have a rainwater tank .. why do I need a water filter?

A Rainwater is collected from your roof. Your roof is also a meeting ground for the local birds, possums, bats and any other animals in your area, all of which deposit droppings, which end up in your tank. Injured wildlife may also die on your roof.

Giardia is a parasite that lives in the intestine of these animals. Drinking water sources become contaminated when faeces or carcases containing the parasites are deposited or flushed into water.
Q What is the difference between a portable and undersink reverse osmosis water filter?
A As reverse osmosis is a slow production approx. 10 litres an hour, you cannot simply turn on the tap and get a glass ... it needs to be stored. In the case of an undersink unit, a 8 or 12 litre stainless steel tank is included. As you use the water from the separate faucet, the system makes more water, maintaining a full tank. In the case of a portable unit, once a day you will need to turn the unit on, and fill a storage container i.e. glass jars or fridge pack. and use the water from the container.