Three filtration stages within a single cartridge, ceramic shell, bonded carbon, ion exchange media
Filtration efficiency of
> 99.99% at 0.9 micron
.Filtration efficiency of
> 99.9% at 0.5 to 0.8 micron
Highly efficient
bacteriological filtration
  Tested with live Cryptosporidium to a removal efficiency >99.999%
  Ideal for R 0 guard and post filtration
  Complimentary to UV systems
  High levels of Chlorine and organics removal
  Lead and other heavy metal reduction
Ultracarb Cartridges
The Doulton Ultracarb is a three stage cartridge combining the highly efficient filtration properties of ceramic with the enhanced water treatment properties of activated carbon and the heavy metal reduction capabilities of ion exchange media.

First Stage
The first stage consists of Doulton Sterasyl- ceramic which provides genuine sub micron filtration. The cartridge reduces fine particulate matter, bacteria, cysts and turbidity. The incorporation of silver locked within the ceramic structure gives enhanced bacteriostatic and self sterilising properties.

Second Stage
An inner core of activated carbon block removes chlorine and organic compounds

Third Stage
Ion exchange resin reduces Lead and other heavy metals.

Filtration Data Sheet
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