This filter will normally be connected to a kitchen or bathroom faucet. Where the faucet incorporates an aerator fitting, proceed as follows:

1. Remove aerator fitting.

2. If faucet spout has a male thread, the diverter valve supplied should screw straight on. If arm has a female thread, or 'flick mixer' type thread, a special adaptor is included.

Where the faucet does not incorporate an aerator fitting and the faucet has no thread to allow the diverter to fit straight on, you will need to change over to either wall or sink mounted faucet.


Contaminants are collected and stored in filter cartridges.
Standard 1 micron cartridge (Code 78) should be changed every 6 months or 2000 litres
Sub-micron (0.5) Anti Giardia (Code 78X) every 12 months providing 9,000 litres.

If you cartridge becomes saturated and not renewed it can 'unload' these dangerous contaminants back into your drinking water. Avoid any risk to your health by replacing cartridges as recommended.

When replacing the cartridge, sterilise the water lines, filter housing and spout using a suitable sterilising agent (Milton or 1/2 cup of household bleach) to remove any bacteria that may be adhering to internal surfaces.

Flush steriliser out of system before installing a new cartridge.

Turn the water filter upside down and divert water to the filter. This ensures that air is expelled from the housing.

1. When drawing drinking water first thing in the morning flush water filter for 5 secs.

2. After period of non-use e.g. overnight, flush filter for 30 seconds before drawing drinking water.

3. Simply turn on the tap, and receive unfiltered water. Pull the spool on the diverter, and receive filtered water. Turn the tap off, and the spool automatically returns to the unfiltered water state.

4. Do NOT run HOT WATER through the filter.
REMEMBER..... The slower you draw off your drinking water the higher the percentage removal of contaminants. You should draw your water off at less than two litres per minute.

WARNING: Your Purestream Water Filter contains a premium carbon block cartridge. for use on chlorinated/disinfected water supplies
Where the presence of dangerous pathogens is suspected, some protection can be obtained by the use of a ceramic cartridge that provides dense obstruction to the bacteria, as well as the facility to scrape the ceramic surface bacteria trapped on the surface of the cartridge, thus prolonging the life of the cartridge.

The life of your diverter valve can be prolonged through regular servicing.

To service your diverter valve, remove it from the faucet, and the tubing. Soak it in vinegar for approximately 30 minutes, then immediately lubricate the O-Ring with a drop of vegetable oil, or spray it with Pure 'N Simple.

The diverter should be serviced every 2-3 months, but may require additional servicing if you are in an area with high levels of sediment, calcium, and other.

As non filtered water is passing through the diverter, the automatic spool may become less efficient over period of time. Should servicing not correct the problem, you may need to purchase a replacement diverter valve.
Due to the diverse nature of water which will be passing through a diverter valve, no warranty is provided on this component.
Counter Top Water Filters should not be plumbed in as an undersink unit as they have not been moulded to meet Australian Standards for inline installation. Damage caused to units as a result of inline installation will not be covered by the Purestream Warranty.
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