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Cartridge Reminder Service

Let us do the remembering for you .. and send you a timely reminder when your cartridge is due for replacement

We all lead busy lives, with a host of things to remember.... birthdays, anniversaries, appointments etc. . When you water filter cartridge is due to be replaced is one hassle we would like to help you with and do the remembering for you, as well as providing them at the very best wholesale price!

When cartridges reach saturation they can `unload'
large amounts of contaminants, including Chlorine, bacteria and even Giardia, back into your drinking water.

To avoid saturation and `unloading risks' all Purestream
Water Filter customers, will be eligible to receive a courtesy reminder email, to ensure they continue to receive clean, safe drinking water.

Whether you purchase a new Purestream Water Filter or even a cartridge,
every 12 months, depending on your cartridge type, your reminder
email will contain details of Code Nos for replacement cartridges, together
with a direct link to the order form to make the
whole process simple and hassle free.