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5 Stage Portable & Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Options
... offering mineralized or mineralized, alkalined and oxygenated
magnetized drinking water

I regularly get asked for information on the benefits of 5 - 6 - 7 stage reverse osmosis systems. The facts are 3 or 4 stage units will adequately provide high purity drinking water in most Australian city areas. The more stages you incorporate, the more costly your yearly cartridge replacement cost Any additional stages should be used to improve the health benefits of pure water i.e. re-mineralising.

One measurement of water purity is the total dissolved solids count or (TDS) ... Melbourne water is around 60 parts per million (ppm) Sydney - 70ppm, Brisbane 200ppm, Adelaide - 350ppm, Perth - 400ppm

Your reverse osmosis water filter will normally reduce your water's TDS to 5 - 6 ppm, these being beneficial trace elements considered optimum for the body. 100% purity is not recommended except for industrial requirements, or aquariums, as this water can be very aggressive and leach minerals from whatever it comes in contact with, including your teeth fillings. Reverse Osmosis will also deliver water with a pH level of around 6.5, neutral being 7.

For those consumers wishing to mineralise and/or alkalise, mineralise and oxygenate their water, we offer a 5 STAGE PORTABLE OR UNDERSINK REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER FILTER, utilising an exclusive Purestream customised inline filter, positioned for prolonged contact time to achieve the desired result.

5 Stage Portable or Undersink Reverse Osmosis including 1 micron sediment pre filter, 5 micron Matrikx CTO chlorine pre filter,75 gpd (300 litres) Filmtec TFC membrane, Omni in line post membrane polishing carbon filter, Membrane Flushing Service Mode. PLUS YOUR CHOICE OF DESIGNER CARTRIDGES...see below
Code MIN
Replaces health giving minerals, without Fluoride.
Utilises Mai-Fan mineral stone to generate  
far-infrared energies and volcanic minerals to enhance water's properties.Click here for more information on infrared rays. Change 12 monthly Replacement cost $55

oxygenating and Alkalising


Replaces health giving minerals, alkalising and oxygenating.
Utilises a combination of volcanic mineral rocks that contribute health giving elements including Potassium, calcium and magnesium and trace minerals to energise, increase pH to 9 - 9.5. Change every 2 years Cost $120
BONUS PAKS include exta set of replacement cartridges (4) ($125)
5 Stage Portable
Reverse Osmosis


5 Stage Undersink
Reverse Osmosis


RO5-PI & 5USRO-PI - we recommend ordering 4-USRO / BONUS plus PI ALKALINE
Click here for installation options for 5 Stage Undersink Reverse Osmosis
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